Our Story

Alicia was in real estate for a number of years with her mother. They were known as Real Estate’s #1 Mother/Daughter Team. She had her first child in 1994 and decided to switch gears while she raised her family. During that time, she worked as a transaction coordinator and also managed her father’s construction business. This was valuable experience that she knew she would be able to put to good use when she went back to being a real estate agent – which is exactly what she did when her kids were a bit older. But it can be a lonely business and she knew she wanted a partner again.

Kris had a long work history in insurance and financial planning when she moved to Seattle from Chicago. Still in insurance here, the industry was changing and she knew she was looking for something different – but that still allowed her to interact with clients and help them plan for their futures.

Then one day they were introduced by a mutual friend and they instantly had a connection. And now?

Now they are part of a real estate team that they are both passionate about. Their focus is to deliver results for their clients, plain and simple. The client’s job? Hopefully to have a little fun along the way!

Our mission is to empower our clients, create connections, build community and welcome each and every one of our clients to our Messa Group family!